Not Your Typical Nature Pics

The Rainbow Tree Shop

I’ve been obsessed with the use of color and craft-making since I was a kid. In fact, I won multiple coloring contests and 4-H blue ribbons for crafting in Nebraska where I grew up, for real those were actual things. I’ve always had multiple art projects and design ideas in the works. 

Currently I live in Noblesville, Indiana and in addition to making art, I work full-time as a Project Manager in the IT field. I've started several small businesses over the years and The Rainbow Tree Shop is where I mix digital design and photography. I use trees and nature as the main subject matter. I take photos and enhance them to create captivating, interconnected, and magical designs. Some pieces are finished off with motivational, deep, or funny quotes.

My goal is to bring more color, connection and joy to the world. I want you to look closely at my artwork to see all the beauty and connections, but I also hope you look more closely at everything. We are all connected, we are all stardust, and every little thing is a miracle.

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